Society Life — July 2016
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"Hello, Beautiful"

Introducing BEAUTOPIA

Standards of beauty can change drastically over time—from powdered wigs and blue-veined skin to tanned and toned physiques. But the desire to look one’s best has never wavered. Today, both men and women are exploring their options to appear younger and fresher. As technology and procedures improve, those options are more exciting than ever. Tummy tucks and liposuction are nothing new. They are staples of cosmetic medicine for good reason—millions of people have spent billions over several decades to achieve a leaner, more sculpted physique. Surprisingly, not everyone is aware of newer, safer and more effective options that have hit the market.

This full service cosmetic medicine practice is bringing progressive body contouring procedures to Colleyville and neighboring communities. Headed by Dr. Tammy Polit, a physician with more than 20 years of experience, Beautopia offers a suite of advanced cosmetic procedures that are all physician administered. This includes tumescent liposuction—a revolutionary approach to body contouring. Imagine a tummy tuck with no general anesthesia, greatly reduced recovery time and virtually no scarring—with results that will astound. “The visual and palpable difference is tremendous. I actually try to take out all of the fat that I can, but the minimum is a 50 percent improvement, and it’s a realistic expectation. For people who have thicker tissue—which I can determine during the procedure—we may get 60–70 percent improvement. For people who have very soft, pliable adipose tissue, I can typically get the majority of it,” claims Dr. Polit.

The Difference Is Tumescence

The core innovation behind tumescent liposuction is a locally injected solution (called “tumescence”) that enables surgery without putting a patient under general anesthesia. This numbing fluid makes the procedure virtually painless and aids in recovery. “Following the procedure, the affected area remains numb for 2–3 days while the body processes the numbing medication. After the procedure, you can go about your day without discomfort. The pain control is exceptional,” says Dr. Polit. It allows patients to stay awake while she works, facilitating effective communication.

"She always spends appropriate time with patients. She never rushes or pushes through appointments quickly— she adequately understands the whole person she is treating,” says Danyele Easterhaus, a former patient of Dr. Polit.

After having four children with two cesarean sections in two different areas, Easterhaus had developed overhanging skin and a belly bulge that no amount of diet or exercise seemed to address. “Trying on clothes in a dressing room could lead to tears, and nothing I tried would result in my tummy looking the way the rest of my body looked. I had become obsessed with hiding the bulge, going as far as wearing hoodie sweatshirts all summer long,” confides Easterhaus.

Make no mistake—shedding excess body weight should begin with diet and exercise. But when localized areas of fat don’t respond to sustained lifestyle changes, it may be time to consult a physician. Fortunately for Easterhaus, Dr. Polit is exceptionally trained in tumescent liposuction, which is ideally suited to address the sagging and bulging she experienced. Dr. Polit trained and collaborated with some of the earliest adopters and pioneers of this technique.

Now, she’s bringing this game-changing procedure to the women of Northeast Tarrant County and also a growing number of men (who are turning to Dr. Polit to reduce those stubborn “spare tires” and “man boobs”). Whether patients want to reduce unwanted fat pads on tummies, thighs, arms, waist, or under the eyes and chin, Beautopia can help them achieve a more sculpted appearance.

The Best Liposuction Technique Today Why is tumescent liposuction so effective? In addition to local numbing that allows patients to remain awake during the procedure, there’s also little to no scarring. The technique only requires incisions that are less than a centimeter and uses new generation laser technology that virtually eliminates the need for extensive hip-to-hip cutting.

There’s also far less down time compared to traditional surgery. Patients can resume normal activities straight from the doctor’s office and even start exercising the same day.In fact, Dr. Polit encourages moderate exercise like brisk walking to speed recovery. Skin tightening is another benefit. Laser technology stimulates collagen synthesis by superheating the collagen layer right under the skin, causing it to tighten. Other procedures may not address the skin layer at all. And once those fat cells are removed, they can’t come back. With proper diet and exercise to prevent weight gain, the results can be permanent.

“After the procedure, I wished immediately I had done it years ago,” professes Easterhaus. “The new belly lifted not only my spirits, but also my workouts even further. I am able to wear clothing that I like, and I actually think I look nice in clothing now. I feel like my body now represents what it should be based on my workouts and diet.”

All of Dr. Polit’s liposuction is done using the tumescent technique. A number of procedures may come in and out of favor, but Dr. Polit isn’t concerned about what’s in vogue. She’s focused on efficacy. She would gladly offer procedures that “freeze” the fat away or conventional (but highly invasive) surgeries if they were significantly more effective. But she hasn’t found a procedure that offers the same dramatic and lasting results as tumescent liposuction.

All told, it’s also a superior value. It is certainly far more affordable than traditional surgeries, which can hit five digits, but it’s also proved its worth against more gimmicky procedures on the market. Those often cost hundreds of dollars per treatment, and multiple treatments are usually required. When added up, other options may cost the same or greater than a single contouring treatment at Beautopia.

Dr. Polit also performs the procedures herself— a distinct advantage over other establishments that allow aestheticians or medical technicians to do the procedures. Experienced physicians do make a substantial difference in the results.

“We know anatomy better. We know where we should be treating and where we shouldn’t. We are more trained to evaluate the research to get technically better results,” explains Dr. Polit.

Distinct Advantages

Former patient, Diana Sellers, would agree. “Years ago, after I lost a significant amount of weight, I underwent a mini tummy tuck to remove excess skin with a plastic surgeon in another city and was not happy with the results,” says Sellers.

“Dr. Polit has a tummy tuck procedure that makes small, dot-like incisions and you do not leave with a big scar across your abdomen! I wish I had known her then,” exclaims Sellers, who later received dermal fillers on her face from Dr. Polit.

“I definitely made the right choice in trusting Dr. Polit with my face and would trust her with any future procedure that I might consider doing,” praises Sellers.

Beautopia offers the same level of attention and expertise to laser hair removal, vein treatments, Botox treatments, photofacials, hydrafacials, IV vitamin therapies and a host of other cosmetic services as they do with tumescent liposuction— all in a comfortable, welcoming and supportive environment. And her patients can feel confident knowing that Dr. Tammy Polit administers every procedure with exacting detail.