Soaring — June 2015
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ADS-B Article by Peter Lert
Thank you for printing [this article]. So much of the hoopla that passes for need from many … is lost on me as it seems to be so lost on the author. I have seen our view voiced in our journal many times, but almost always in the letters to the editor column and never with the structured reasoning that Peter has used. I also appreciate your resolve to let certain topics dry themselves out in the blog-o-sphere and explore others in-depth here in the journal.
Ð Jeff Stringer
Member since 1977

Youth in Soaring Initiatives
I’m putting together an article looking at youth soaring initiatives around the world. I understand that in America you have the Eagle fund which helps with youth soaring development. Do you have any other dedicated organization or group set up? That is, do you have a national group helping get young people involved in the sport?

Could you please forward this email on to someone involved in youth flying at some level so that I may quiz them some more on what is happening in the States.

I’m hoping to get a response from Australia, the UK, Sweden, German, possibly Poland, and the US, so it should be an interesting look at youth flying. I’m happy to let you use the article if you’d like to.

Ð Jill McCaw
Editor and Publisher •
Phone 03 322 5222
Christchurch, New Zealand

This is a question for a broader audience than yours truly. I would expect an answer from those more knowledgeable than I on this topic. Soaring would be interested in possibly printing the article. See the May 2015 issue for the article on a youth soaring program in South Africa. ± Editor

ADS-B Price Correction
The printed article (April 2015) looked great. I noticed one error; I quoted the range of cost for a portable ADS-B device. The lowest price should have been $600.00, not $60.00. I’ll keep checking on the newest events regarding this subject. Recently two manufactures announced ADS-B out equipment for less than $2000.00, and the FAA is considering portable out devices. As more information becomes confirmed and if needed, I’ll write an update. Meanwhile here is another FAA website:
Ð Tom Conte

Thanks for the update and correction. This will undoubtedly be a continuing topic (a second detailed look was printed in the May 2015 issue). ± Editor

Photo Showcase
Thank you for publishing my picture submission in the Photo Showcase (April 2015). I was pleased and quite surprised and I know my brother, Jerry Kaufman, (Final Glide, posted 4/12/12), would have been tickled that Soaring selected a photo from his Lil’ Sis.
Ð Deb Kaufman