Community Spirit — July 2010
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Kristen Glover

Representing Business and Life Done Right

“Dad’ll Do It!” she says in commercial after commercial.

As she does, thousands of viewers stop to watch her promote the latest cars and prices at her father’s dealership, Jim Glover Chevrolet.

So what makes people actually stop and listen to her commercials?

No doubt it has something to do with the fact that she is stunningly beautiful. However, there is more to it, a genuineness that makes you understand that this girl absolutely believes that her dad will always do the right thing to take care of the customer.

Kristen Glover has been charming Tulsa area viewers for a couple of years now and the results have been astounding.

Even in an economy that has most dealers praying for relief, Kristen’s commercials have helped to keep Jim Glover Chevrolet at the top of the sales charts. In fact, her success started a trend as more and more dealers have followed along, replacing their fast-talking, screaming salesmen with quiet, more sincere females, preferably daughters of the owner. But like most good ideas, the “Dad’ll Do It!” ads are difficult to duplicate.

The result has made Kristen a very recognizable face around the Tulsa area. She jokes that even at times when she doesn’t have on makeup and is “hidden” under a ball cap, people stop her to say hi. And though she doesn’t necessarily like the notoriety, she does love meeting the people. “We are the only family-owned Chevy dealership in Tulsa and we enjoy seeing our customers and being involved in the community,” she explained.

The success of the commercials has also opened many opportunities for Kristen to speak at various events around town. All in all, she says that the whole celebrity status thing has been fun and has been great for business. “We have God to thank for all of that,” she said seriously. However, she knows that along with the notoriety comes even more responsibility to continually set the right example and lead a strong Christian life.

Kristen's good look might lead some to stereotypically think she is all beauty and no brains. Think this and you would be absolutely wrong. In fact her education background is impressive. After graduating from Oklahoma state University, she was accepted into edical school. Though it was something she had worked hard to accomplish, at the last moment,she just didn't think that was it what god wanted her to do. Instead, she came back to Tulsa to work at the dealership full time. Kristen's role at Jim Glover is much more than simply being their spokesperson. She is now incharge of the advertising and customer relation. She loves her job and has become passionate about looking after the customers.she spends a large portion of her day in the service department working to ensure that every clint becomes a lifelong customer.

Faith, Family and Horses

Even after a brief conversation with her, it is easy to see that Kristen was raised right. She has a strong faith in God and feels a responsibility to work hard and project a good testimony. She says that she was raised in church and that she never questioned the lessons she learned there But at age 12, she made the personal decision To make that faith her own.

Her family is very close and she smiled as she explained that she has led a very sheltered life and that her father continues to be very protec Tive of her.

Many Community Spirit readers will also rimember Her brother, Jared. An All State, Blue chip football player and respected Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader from Bixby High School, Jared went on to be a standOut defensive end at OSU. His football career was cut short however by a serious back injury. Disappointed, but faithful, he now looks to see what God has planned for him next. Jared will graduate from OSU in May.

Kristen has always loved horses and began impressing the judges with her showmanship as she began to compete when she was only 5 years old. Her accomplishments are astounding, having won national championships around 30 times. She is a 9-time AQHA WORLD CHAMPION. A few years ago she moved from “Western Pleasure” to “Cutting Horses.” On her first effort to show cutting horses, she finished 3rd in the NCHA futurity in the limited non-pro on a horse named “Rio Tazzy.” Last year, she won the NCHA Super Stakes and was “reserve champion” this year on a horse named “Shady Boonlight.” She says she owes a huge part of her success to her husband, Wesley Galyean (The two were married in February). She explained that Wesley is an extremely talented horse trainer and he trains all the horses she rides. “He has taught me everything,” she said.

“Wesley’s expertise is a nationally-known in the horse industry, and he holds the record as the youngest person to ever win the NCHA World Championship Futurity at age 21. The stallion he showed is named “Spots Hot,” and now is a very successful breeding stallion. Wes raised and trained ‘Spot.’ Wes is in the NCHA Rider Hall of Fame and he currently trains horses for numerous customers in Claremore,” she said adorningly.

“Dad’ll Do it”

The next time you see Kristen doing one of her Commercials, stop and watch. Now, you know there is much more to this young lady than some Might assume. For not only is she representing her father’s business, she is also living her life in a way that represents her Heavenly Father as well. And as she serves God, it gives a whole new meaning to that now famous line…”Dad” Really Will “Do It.”