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Spring Product Guide

Aeronautics/Aviation<br /> Airplane Design + STEM Technology = Fun!<br /> Introduction to Airplane Design is a fun software package that gives students an<br /> incredible experience in the use of STEM technology. By using interactive simulations and powerful design tools you will be impressed at how easy it is to teach and engage students. On the computer, students design their own performance gliders and then can build and test their designs offline. They can even advance to powered flight by including a rubber band motor and propeller in their designs to build. This package comes complete with lessons and labs along with a wealth of information. Learning is sure to soar!<br /> Seeds Software<br /> 858-569-0698<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Architectural Design<br /> The #1 “Classroom Friendly” Architectural, Landscape, and Interior Design Program.<br /> Witness students’ excitement as they easily construct building, interior, exterior, and landscape design ideas—in fully animated 3D—in minutes. Featuring Building Information Modeling (BIM), award-winning Envisioneer™ is the easiest-to-use building design program with eye-popping modeling power priced for tight school budgets. No annual fees, always upgradable, and we want you to try it for FREE! Take the Envisioneer Challenge— test drive up to 10 seats plus an instructor Seat for 30 days. At the end of your trial, earn a 10% off purchase discount, FREE training, and 20% off your first version upgrade! Take the Challenge today! Visit Call or email for your budgetary quote.<br /> Technology Education Concepts, Inc.<br /> 800-338-2238 • Fax 603-225-7766<br /> •<br /> <br /> Career-Technical/Vo-Ed<br /> Model Steam and Stirling Engines,Machinery Kits, and Accessories.<br /> Assemble the Solar 13 Thinking Man’s Engine Kit and study the hot air Stirling engine principle in action. Great class project or individual learning experience. Aids in blueprint reading, mechanics, physics, and engineering principles. All of our kits are made in the U.S. and used in many schools as teaching aids. We also carry a large selection of related technical books. Call 1-800-724-3801 for catalog or visit our website:<br /> PM Research Inc.<br /> 1-800-724-3801<br /><br /> <br /> Career-Technical/Vo-Ed<br /> Career Directions Posters<br /> Posters explain job responsiblities, wages, current and projected job openings. Beneficial personal characteristics, training requirements, and sources for additional information are covered. Each 18" × 24" poster is printed on glossy stock. Series of 10 includes Desktop Publishing, Web Page Design, and Robotics. Overstock special: Get the set for only $49.95!<br /> Tech Directions Books & Media<br /><br /> 800-530-9673 x300<br /> <br /> CNC<br /> Product Design & Manufacturing:<br /> MDX-40A Desktop CNC Mill<br /> CNC milling is an essential component of CAD/CAM, a staple in STEM education curriculum. Now students can quickly and easily produce prototypes and parts in a classroom setting. The Roland MDX-40A milling machine is easy to set up and use, yet exceptionally versatile. Unlike 3D printers, functional prototypes and parts can be produced from a wide variety of nonproprietary materials with exceptional precision and surface finish. Easy-to-use CAM and simulation software is included, allowing students to easily go from their 3D CAD software to 3D parts using industry standard .stl files. The ability to use G-code allows educators greater flexibility and ease of integration with industry standard CAM programs, including Mastercam, EdgeCAM, SurfCAM, and Gibbs CAM. Optional accessories include a rotary 4th axis for unattended 360˚ milling and a 3D scanning attachment for reverse engineering. For more information, visit Roland STEM Education Solutions at, or call 800-542-2307.<br /> Roland DGA<br /> 800-542-2307 •<br /> <br /> CNC<br /> Industrial Skills Training Solutions<br /> Techno Education is excited to offer industrial skills training solutions for schools teaching real-world manufacturing skills. Our Introduction to CNC Machining and Introduction to CNC Plasma Cutting Curricula will teach your students all the basic manufacturing skills needed to get started in CNC machining. Both programs come complete with quality manuals, activity files, software configuration files, and student tests. Students follow detailed step-by-step lessons with supporting graphics to produce real products. A PDF of the manuals allows for easy classroom presentation. Versions are available for all Mastercam software, from version X to X6. Call today to get your CNC machining program off to the right start!<br /> Techno, Inc.<br /> Educational CNC Routers<br /> 800-819-3366 • Fax 516-358-2576<br /><br /><br /> <br /> CNC<br /> Techno CNC Servo Machines<br /> Techno Education offers high-speed, industrial-quality CNC routers and CNC plasma machines in a wide range of sizes. Work areas available from 11" × 14" to 5' × 12'. Stands, enclosures, vacuum hold-downs, and many other options let you build just the machine you need. All of our servo machines are available with comprehensive curriculum for students at all levels. All machines qualify for PLTW purchase and offer endless STEM opportunities. Servo motors on all three axes provide exceptional speed and precision. All machines are installed and supported by local Techno representatives to ensure a successful startup.<br /> Techno, Inc. Educational CNC Routers<br /> 800-819-3366 • Fax 516-358-2576<br /> •<br /> <br /> Electricity/Electronics<br /> Electronics Learning Activities<br /> Do you teach Electronics, Electricity, HVAC, or Automotive Technology? Still using old methods to teach modern technology? Interactive software makes earning exciting. Topics from Ohm’s law to op amps and digital troubleshooting are covered. Use your current textbooks and curriculum. Activities provide immediate feedback and grading. Learning activities are constructed using random variables to assure varied experiences. Use on computers/ networks on campus or students can use it at home. $229 for unlimited site licenses! Funding often available through Carl Perkins, your media center, or library. Software is excellent for retention, individualization, and remediation. Download trial software programs from our website.<br /> ETCAI Products<br /> 800-308-0154 • Fax 901-861-0233<br /> •<br /> <br /> Electricity/Electronics<br /> Digital & Analog Circuit Labs<br /> Models 457000 and 455000 circuit labs offer a solderless breadboard with 2,712 tie points. Labs offer four dc power supplies: fixed +5 V/1 A and -5 V/300 mA; variable 0 ~ 15 V/1 A and 0 V ~ -15 V/1 A. Function generator provides a frequency range of 1 Hz ~ 100 KHz, sinewave: 0 ~ 8 Vpp, saw tooth: 0 ~ 6 Vpp, square: 0 ~ 8 Vpp variable, TTL output: 5 Vpp. <br /> Sun Equipment Corp.<br /> 800-870-1955 • w<br /><br /> <br /> Engineering<br /> Award-Winning STEM Software<br /> Teaching middle or high school students who want to explore the field of engineering? Time Engineers teaches science, technology, engineering, and math without leaving the fun of gaming behind. Students travel in a cool time machine to three different time periods and encounter typical engineering problems to be solved in order to build pyramids, irrigate farmland, command a WWII submarine, raise and lower medieval drawbridges, and more. Distributed by<br /> Tech Directions Books & Media<br /><br /> 800-530-9673 x300<br /> <br /> Graphic Technology<br /> Master of Arts: VersaStudio BN-20 Desktop Printer/Cutter<br /> Easy to use and versatile, the Versa Studio BN- 20 20” inkjet printer/ cutter is the perfect classroom tool to bring your students’ imagination to life. The BN-20 can print CMYK plus metallic ink for thousands of vibrant colors and contour cut designs for a variety of projects—from decals, product labels, signs, POP, posters, and vehicle graphics to custom apparel. The piezo inkjet head prints up to 1,440 dpi using variable droplet technology with seven precise droplet sizes to optimize image quality. Roland Intelligent Pass Control™ Technology delivers exceptional quality prints with smoother gradations, richer density, and deeper image saturation for photographic and vector output. Developed exclusively for Roland inkjet printers and printer/cutters, included VersaWorks RIP software ensures exceptional<br /> production output with unmatched ease of use. For more information, visit Roland STEM Education Solutions at, or call 800-542-2307.<br /> Roland DGA<br /> 800-542-2307 •<br /> <br /> Green Technology<br /> Interactive Green Technology Curriculum<br /> Green Technology Curriculum is an introductory program for middle and high schools! The interactive e-learning curriculum includes all the hardware needed. Students learn about technologies, careers, and pathways to further opportunities. Includes alternative energy, green transportation, green construction, and resource conservation.<br /> intelitek, inc.<br /><br /> <br /> Green Technology<br /> Solar Energy Power<br /> The DISCOVERY D4200 explores the science and applications of solar energy as used by homeowners and industry. The system includes industrial-grade solar cells, a solar collector, and multiple application devices. Other modules available for vocational, technical, and industrial facilities include Fluid Power, Optics and Sensors, Electronics, and Mechanisims. Ideal for incorporating into STEM and PLTW programs. For information, please contact:<br /> Power Technology, Inc.<br /> 800-283-9540 •<br /> <br /> Heat Treating<br /> LUCIFER Red Devil Economy Box Furnaces<br /> Lucifer Furnaces’ Red Devil units for rugged, dependable, energy-efficient heat treating. Harden, draw, and anneal to 2200° F. We’ve been providing single chamber (bench or floor) and dual chamber spacesaving furnaces and ovens to schools for over 60 years. Prewired, easy to install, and shipped ready for connection to main power supply. Many custom options available. An excellent, economical introduction to metallurgy.<br /> Lucifer Furnaces, Inc.<br /> 800-378-0095 • Fax: 215-343-7388<br /><br /><br /> <br /> HVACR<br /> Computer-based HVACR Simulators<br /> Since 1992, Simutech Systems has been providing computer-based HVACR simulators to secondary and postsecondary schools. Our easy-to-use software provides students realistic “hands-on” HVACR service<br /> training and theory-of-operation, which greatly enhances their retention level and interest. Using computerized fault-insertion and onscreen instrumentation and diagnostic charts, students learn how to properly troubleshoot and repair various HVAC and refrigeration systems. Instructors are provided<br /> with numerous reports to help track students’ progress. Simutech’s simulators help to meet accreditation standards for PAHRA and HVAC Excellence.<br /> Simutech Systems, Inc.<br /> 800-648-6209 • Fax 503-649-8972<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Laser Engraving<br /> LaserPro® Laser/Engravers: Well Built, Great Price, Awesome Support<br /> You can have it all—power, versatility, user-friendliness, precision, safety, quality, and affordability. LaserPro delivers exquisite laser/engraving cutting performance. Students quickly learn how to engrave wood, acrylic, glass, and more. Experience the commercial power of LaserPro Spirit or Mercury full-size laser/ engravers, or the compact but amazingly powerful C180 desktop model (12, 30, or 40 W). Featuring passthrough front and rear doors, extra-large work area, dc servo motors, classroom safety features (emergency stop button, SmartGuard fire alarm, and keylock), Drag-N-Engrave, SmartPin Autofocus, and exclusive two-year warranty! LaserPro Laser/Engravers introduce students to entrepreneurship and involve the entire school and community! Call or email for a quote.<br /> Technology Education Concepts, Inc.<br /> 800-338-2238 • Fax 603-225-7766<br /> •<br /> <br /> Robotics<br /> Robotics Engineering Curriculum<br /> intelitek’s curriculum leverages the educational value of competitions. Our relationships with professional student competition organizations have enabled us to develop programs for in-class and externally organized competitions. Packages include VEX® hardware, easyC® software, and online curriculum. Special pricing for PLTW schools!<br /> intelitek, inc. •<br /> <br /> Safety<br /> Make Small Machines Safer<br /> We know that making school shops safe is not easy. Our SENSING-SAF-START® helps by making small machines (like table saws and band saws) safer by preventing them from restarting after a power interruption.<br /> jds Products<br /> 916-933-2699 • 800-486-4993<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Software<br /> STEM Teachingat Its Best<br /> Check out our STEM software for exciting hands-on teaching. Developed by educators and STEM professionals, these products are impressive and effective. Study aerodynamics by designing airplanes. Test a fun egg drop design. Explore the incredible science behind climate change debates. <br /> Seeds Software<br /> 858-569-0698<br /><br /> <br /> Solar Technology<br /> Green Solar Energy Trainer<br /> Model GSE-40106 is a basic energy transduction kit for solar power. It is equipped with an MCU for users to learn essential hardware and “C” programming language, and to observe the Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm.<br /> Sun Equipment Corp.<br /> 800-870-1955<br /><br /><br /> <br /> STEM<br /> LearnMate® Curriculum and Learning Management System<br /> LearnMate® LMS—the dashboard for hybrid learning! Deliver robust STEM curriculum in a format that engages today’s digital learners! E-Learning Curriculum Delivery lets you deliver consistent content across multiple classes, create interactive content, direct project-based learning, and incorporate multiple instructional strategies.<br /> intelitek, inc. •<br /> <br /> STEM<br /> Great Software for Education and Learning<br /> Check out our STEM software for exciting hands-on teaching. Developed by educators and STEM professionals, these products are impressive and effective. Study aerodynamics by designing airplanes. Test a fun egg drop design. Explore the incredible science behind climate change debates.<br /> Seeds Software • 858-569-0698<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Technology Education<br /> Plasma Operation and Applications Training<br /> Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice is the first commercially available training material specifically for plasma cutting and gouging. Developed in partnership with welding and cutting instructors from leading institutions, this 10-hour course comes complete with everything educators and trainers need to teach students the fundamentals of handheld plasma operation and applications, including:<br /> • 10-hours of lessons and exercises<br /> • Multimedia PowerPoint® presentation slides<br /> • Comprehensive facilitator guide<br /> • Plasma torches and consumables for classroom exercises<br /> • Student handouts and workbooks on CD<br /> • e-learning program Participants will learn:<br /> • What plasma is and how it cuts metal<br /> • The differences among various thermal cutting methods<br /> • Proper setup and operation of a plasma system<br /> • Proper consumable installation and usage<br /> • Proper plasma safety procedures<br /> • How to evaluate cut quality<br /> • How to execute a variety of cuts and gouges<br /> Now AWS SENSE approved. For more information,<br /> contact Ann Thompson at 800-752-7623, ext. 2349, or<br /> email<br /> Hypertherm, Inc.<br /> 800-752-7623<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Test Equipment<br /> Test and Measurement Equipment<br /> We carry a full line of electronic and automotive test and measurement equipment, such as digital and analog oscilloscopes, IC testers and programmers,<br /> audio and RF signal generators, function generators, frequency counters, power/watt meter and analyzer, and dc and ac power supplies.<br /> Sun Equipment Corp. • 800-870-1955<br /> •<br /> <br /> Welding<br /> Welding Training Curriculum<br /> Complete training programs including DVDs, instructor guides, and student workbooks. Designed with input from welding instructors, video modules are designed to present core information and model proper technique, so<br /> students can work through the videos and practice sessions independently with the aid of their workbooks and coaching from their instructor. Visit our website to see a complete line of offerings.<br /> Hobart Institute of Welding Technology<br /> 800-332-9448 •<br /> <br /> Wind Technology<br /> Green Wind Energy Trainer<br /> Model GWE-40107 is a portable project kit for wind power experiments. It takes two power generation sources, such as wind or solar, up to 120 W. Built-in USB jack allows connections to charge cell phones, MP3 players, and other portable devices.<br /> Sun Equipment Corp. • 800-870-1955<br /> •<br /> <br />

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