National Hardwood March 2013 : Cover1

March 2013 IT’S EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A HARDWOOD Today’s consumers want products that are a sound choice environmentally, ethically, as well as aesthetically. The current business climate demands careful attention to the bottom line. Alder gives you the unique ability to satisfy consumer desires with products that will help protect your margins and your balance sheet. ABUNDANT & SUSTAINABLE Northwest Hardwoods PEFC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certifi ed alder is sourced from forests certifi ed to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), the American Tree Farm (ATF) system, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and PEFC. BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE Alder’s fi ne texture, closed grain and uniform color add appeal to virtually any application, plus alder has the unique ability to accept stain and fi nishes to resemble species like maple and cherry. VERSATILE & AFFORDABLE Alder is a medium density hardwood that has low bending strength, shock resistance and stiffness. It machines well, and is excellent for turning and polishing. Certifi ed to the PEFC Chain-of-Custody Standard To learn more about alder, visit &#0d;6XVWDLQDEOH)RUHVW\,QLWLDWLYH&#0f;&#0d;&#0d;$PHULFDQ7UHH)DUPV\VWHP&#0f;&#0d;&#0d;&#0d;&DQDGLDQ6WDQGDUGV$VVRFLDWLRQ&RS&#xLJKW;

Northwest Hardwoods