Solar Today March 2013 : Page 31

Join us in Baltimore Learn how the costs of extreme climate events are creating solar opportunities, what’s on the horizon in solar finance and policy and how Germany has revolutionized its energy economy in a few short years. Last year solar installations in the United States doubled to 3.2 gigawatts. Join your clean energy colleagues to find out how the solar industry will keep moving forward through financial, policy and technology innovations. SOLAR 2013 features: t 5XPUPQBSDIJUFDUTPG(FSNBOZT solar industry. t "DMPTFMPPLBUUIFSPMFPGTPMBSJO disaster preparedness and recovery. t/FXJOJUJBUJWFTJOTPMBSmOBODJOH&#0f; t 4VDDFTTGVMTUBUFBOEMPDBMSFTQPOTFT to fast-moving solar markets. t 3FTFBSDIBUUIFGPSFGSPOUPG17&#0d; thermal and green building technology. ISTOCKPHOTO.COM SOLAR 20 1 3 is the sol ar event o f the ye ar , pr ovi d ing a f o r u m f o r investo r s, technology innov a to r s, p olicy ma ke r s, sol ar businesses a n d buye r s to coll a bo ra te a n d c r e a te new syne r gies in the in d ust r y . Register today, at

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