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Craftsman Home On Over 6 Acres! %HDXWLIXO FUDIWVPDQ KRPH RQ RYHU  DFUHV R΍HUV SOHQW\ RI VSDFH IRU KRVSLWDOLW\  SDUNLQJ 2XWVLGH \RX ZLOO ȴQG DQ DZH -VRPH EDFN SDWLR ZLWK PXOWLSOH ȴUH SLWV DQG $GLURQGDFN FKDLUV for evening entertaining. There is a complete workout room above garage with a sauna too! The massive gourmet kitchen R΍HUVSOHQW\RIURRPWRHQWHUWDLQJXHVWVRUEULQJLQ\RXURZQ personal chef after a long day on the course. Price: $80,000 Address: 1680 Midland Road City: Southern Pines 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 6+ Acres Located On The 11th hole at Pinehurst No. 4! This spectacular home is the perfect setting for your corporate hospitality during the US Open. Located on Course #4 the view LVDPD]LQJ7KHEDFN\DUGLVVSDFLRXVHQRXJKIRURXWGRRUHQ -WHUWDLQLQJ7KHȴYHEHGURRPVLQWKHKRPHHDFKKDYHWKHLURZQ EDWKURRPDQGWKHH[WUDWKLUGȵRRUVXLWHFDQEHXVHGWRVOHHS additional guests. Enjoy the Open & Women’s Open in the lap RIOX[XU\7KHVHFRQGȵRRUKDVDODUJHERQXVOLYLQJURRPZLWKD ȵDWVFUHHQ79DQGVSDFHIRUDGGLWLRQDOEHGV7KHWKLUGȵRRURI -IHUVDODUJHȴQLVKHGDUHDZLWKVSDFHIRU
DGGLWLRQDOEHGV Price: $80,000 Address: 30 Spring Valley Court City: Pinehurst 5 Bedrooms (2 K, 3 Q), 6 Bathrooms Re-creation of George Washington’s home at Woodlawn Plantation! Brick home with close attention to detail. You are greeted by a large fountain in the circular drive. Front doors open to two story sitting area ZLWKZLQGLQJVWDLUZD\WRVHFRQGȵRRU)RUPDOGLQLQJURRPDQGDQLQFUHG -ible Library, complete with sliding ladder to reach the highest shelves and Billiards. The home combines the elegance of a bygone era and the FRPIRUWDQGHDVHRIDPRGHUQRSHQȵRRUSODQ7KH/LYLQJURRPIHDWXUHV ȴUHSODFHDQGEXLOWLQVKHOYHV&#0f;ZLWKȵDWVFUHHQ79DERYHȴUHSODFH+RPH KDVEHDXWLIXO0DSOHKDUGZRRGȵRRUV7KHHDWLQNLWFKHQLVRSHQDQGLQ -viting with S.S. appliances and a commercial grade side by side refrigera-WRUIUHH]HU&#0f;DQGDKXJHSDQWU\$ZDOORIZLQGRZVRSHQWRWKHPDJQLȴFHQW back yard which includes a large in ground pool and a 3 acre pond which is fully stocked by the NC Fish and Game Commission with Large Mouth Bass, Brim and Pan Fish and a large covered back porch. Price: $85,000 Address: 595 Airport Road City: Whispering Pines 7 Bedrooms (1 K, 6 Q), 4.5 Bathrooms, 8,000+ sq. ft. Call (800) 808-2605 for more information. 22 View all listings at 2014EventRentals.com

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