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new products | Intersolar North America products preview SDS Redesigns Solar-Log PV Monitors So l ar D a t a Sy stems l a unches th r ee new m od els : So l ar-L o g 300 a n d So l ar-L o g 1 200 for do mestic inst a ll a ti o ns a n d me d ium -size p l a nts, a n d So l ar-L o g 2000 for l ar ge -sc a le P V p l a nts . All sh o w op e ra ting st a tus vi a LCD t o uch sc r eens, a n d a U S B por t a ll o ws a ut o m a tic da t a b a cku p s a n d sim p lifies fi r mw ar e u pda tes . Rem o te r e por ting is vi a fa ste r , im pro ve d ve r si o ns of the WEB o nline t oo l . Multi-pin Connector Handles up to 1,000 Volts So l ar SP EC Pa k fro m An d e r s o n Po we r Prod ucts is s a i d t o be the fi r st multi -p in c o nnect or t o meet the p h o t o v o lt a ic in d ust ry r equi r ements s p ecifie d in UL 6703 A, pa ssing the s a me h ar sh envi -ro nment a l tests use d t o qu a li fy s o l ar pa n -els . It c a n h a n d le u p t o 1, 000 v o lts a n d fo u r lines t o r e d uce the numbe r of c o n -nect or s . The l o cking l a tch c o m p lies with NEC 2008 secti o n 690.33 (C) r equi r ements . Advanced Energy Launches Megawatt Inverter The 1 M W -ra te d AE 1 000 NX inve r te r is AE So l ar Ene r g y ’s next ste p in utilit y-a n d l ar ge -sc a le s o l ar po we r. The inve r te r w a s d esigne d t o pro vi d e s o l ar po we r p l a nt o wne r s with r e d uce d c o st a n d inc r e a se d ene r g y h ar vest for a l o we r LCOE, a n d ad v a nce d utilit y inte ra ctive c o nt ro ls t o mitig a te g r i d integ ra ti o n issues . solar energy.advanced-energy. com/solar-inverters 38 July/August 2013 SOLAR TODAY Copyright © 2013 by the American Solar Energy Society Inc. All rights reserved.

new products

SDS Redesigns Solar-Log PV Monitors<br /> Solar Data Systems launches three new models: Solar-Log 300 and Solar-Log 1200 for domestic installations and medium-size plants, and Solar-Log 2000 for large-scale PV plants. All show operating status via LCD touch screens, and a USB port allows automatic data backups and simplifies firmware updates. Remote reporting is via faster, improved versions of the WEB online tool.<br /> <br /> Multi-pin Connector Handles up to 1,000 Volts<br /> Solar SPEC Pak from Anderson Power Products is said to be the first multi-pin connector to meet the photovoltaic industry requirements specified in UL 6703A, passing the same harsh environmental tests used to qualify solar panels. It can handle up to 1,000 volts and four lines to reduce the number of connectors. The locking latch complies with NEC 2008 section 690.33(C) requirements.<br /> <br /> Advanced Energy Launches Megawatt Inverter<br /> The 1 MW-rated AE 1000NX inverter is AE Solar Energy’s next step in utility- and largescale solar power. The inverter was designed to provide solar power plant owners with reduced cost and increased energy harvest for a lower LCOE, and advanced utility interactive controls to mitigate grid integration issues. solar energy.advanced-energy. com/solar-inverters<br /> <br /> Wagner Introduces Solar Thermal Flat-Plate Collectors<br /> Wagner Solar received its SRCC OG-100 rating for two new solar thermal collectors, the EURO L20 AR and the EURO L20 MQ AR. An aluminum absorber sheet is built with laser welds, creating the clean appearance of a PV module. More aluminum improves the price-to-performance ratio, with the same vacuum-applied highly selective absorber coating to maximize solar heat yield and minimize radiation losses. The EURO L20 AR features a double- harped header/riser piping with 12 8-mm riser tubes suitable for piping up to five in a series. The EURO L20 MQ AR is Wagner Solar Inc.’s first four-port serpentine flow pattern flat-plate collector for the U.S. market.<br /> <br /> SMA Tripower TL Scaled for Commercial PV<br /> SMA’s new Sunny Tripower TL-US is designed to serve decentralized commercial PV plants. This three-phase transformerless inverter is UL listed for up to 1,000 V DC maximum system voltage and has peak efficiency above 98 percent, while OptiTrac Global Peak minimizes the effects of shade for maximum energy production. It features all-pole ground fault protection and wintegrated AFCI, a wide input voltage range and two independent MPP trackers. Applicable for both 600 V DC and 1,000 V DC applications.<br /> <br /> Armored Tablet Designed for Construction Sites<br /> GammaTech’s Durabook TA10 rugged tablet is engineered for demanding industrial and field applications. The 10.4-inch tempered-glass LCD display is sunlight-readable, and is backlit with LEDs. The Durabook includes a digitizer with active stylus, an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity, and two six-cell battery packs. The unit meets Military Standard 810G for drop and shock resistance as well as salt and fog protection, and IP65 for dust and water resistance.<br /> <br /> Mage Launches Three-Phase AC Module<br /> Mage Solar has begun shipping the 208-volt, three-phase version of its 245-watt ACPV module. The 60-cell polycrystalline module is equipped with a microinverter running peak efficiency of 95.7 percent for a maximum power AC output of 240 watts. Plug-and-play technology allows for faster installation plus the ability to create clean solar energy almost anywhere. Both module and microinverter carry a 30-year warranty.<br /> <br /> Longer Rails Mean Fewer Posts<br /> DPW Solar expands the Power Rail family with the new LD and MD rails. Offering longer spans between supports, the rails minimize penetrations and eliminate additional support structures for commercial solar installations. Installers will save time and money with integrated grounding, single-tool assembly, and revolutionary RAD Lock-in-Place bolts.<br /> <br /> Fronius IG Plus Has AFCI for Code Compliance<br /> To comply with the new NEC requirements, the Fronius IG Plus Advanced inverter line has proprietary built-in arc fault circuit interruption (AFCI) to detect and extinguish an arc fault, and can notify the system operator that the incident occurred.<br /> <br /> Utility-Scale Inverter System from Nextronex<br /> The Ray Max Power Island Inverter system from Nextronex is said to produce 4 to 8 percent higher output, measured through an installed base totaling 22 megawatts. The inverter series is rated from 650 watts and up, and the manufacturer claims good performance in low light conditions.<br /> <br /> Trina Incorporates Tigo Optimizer<br /> Trinasmart DC combines Trina Solar’s high-quality modules with Tigo Energy’s power optimization electronics integrated into the junction box. Trinasmart DC reduces energy loss by minimizing the impact of shading and other environmental and site concerns. It enables the system to reclaim up to 20 percent of otherwise lost solar energy through distributed MPPT and impendence. Trinasmart also enables installation of more modules per roof top by increasing string length and module placement options. In addition, Trinasmart also provides module level system performance monitoring, arc fault and fire safety features. trina us/product/Trinasmart. html<br /> <br /> Unirac Creates Simple Ground Mount Tracker (GMT)<br /> Unirac’s new GMT is the result of years of proven performance as a leading PV mounting vendor. The GMT is said to be one of the easiest to assemble and most reliable trackers on the market today, designed to reduce overall project costs, risks and complexity.<br /> <br /> Butler Offers Residential PV-Powered Pumping Station<br /> The new pumping station from Butler Sun Solutions features an El-SID PV-powered pump with backflow prevention as well as solar loop pressure and temperature gauges. Control electronics and status LEDs are built in. The EPP insulation is state-of-the-art. Station includes all filling and flushing valves. This plug-and-play product reduces installation and service time especially when installed with the Solar Wand system, but can also be efficiently added to tanks with built-in heat exchangers.<br /> <br /> New Design Software from Valentin<br /> Valentin Software’s PV*SOL 6.0 is said to be the first program that can realistically simulate battery systems in grid-parallel operation. This allows designers to calculate their own consumption from solar arrays. The program can import load profiles down to one-minute intervals, calculate string-line losses and AC and DC wiring losses per inverter.

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