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Cleaning Products Catalog 2017 : Page 7

WATER SPRITE® From WET to DRY. . The Exclusive WATER SPRITE ® Distributor • We Offer More Sizes Than Any Other PVA! S.M. Arnold Inc.’s WATER SPRITE ® is an exclusive proven PVA material that gently cleans and the surface, leaving it clean and dry. It is not affected by mildew, bacteria or common immediately upon removal from its package. Available in a variety of packaging styles. W ATER S PRITE ® H EADER B AG B I-LINGUAL P ACKAGE Stock # _______ WS20 WS24 WS25 WS30 WS35 WS546 WS40 WS45 WS50 WS816 WS70 Size ____ 2.00 Sq. Ft. 326 Sq. In. 2.50 Sq. Ft. 3.00 Sq. Ft. 3.50 Sq. Ft. 559 Sq. In. 4.00 Sq. Ft. 4.50 Sq. Ft. 720 Sq. In. 791 Sq. In. 7.00 Sq. Ft. Spanish on REVERSE W ATER S PRITE ® R OLL Create Your Own Product or Size! Stock # _______ WS59 Size ____ 23.25 In. x 656 Ft. (Bulk Roll) 7

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