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2017-03-31 01:30:08

3D Printing Technology Magic: Mesmerize your students while you teach digital literacy and problem solving skills! Wonder what a school could do with a 3D printer? Educators use award-winning, reliable Ultimaker 3D Printers to integrate disciplines not only in STEM, but also art, graphic design, music, teacher education, business, environmental studies, forensics, entertainment, and more! Check out the all-new Ultimaker “Pioneer Program,” developed by educators for educators, and the many resources Ultimaker has to help schools succeed with 3D printing. Educational pricing available on new Ultimaker 3D Printers until 6/30/2017! Technology Education Concepts 800-338-2238 • Fax 603-225-7766 • CAD New from Bestselling author and official Beta tester of autoCad software, steve Heather Perfect for classroom instruction, the AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise Workbook includes 8 lessons and 4 modeling projects, all of which are heavily illustrated, for visual learners. Each lesson starts with step-by-step instructions on how to create 3D solid models, followed by exercises designed for practicing the commands students learned within that lesson. The modeling projects are designed so users can create complex 3D models by combining many of the commands learned within the previous lessons. Suitable for inch and metric users. Industrial press, inc. 203-956-5593 • Aeronautics/ Aviation Wright Brothers design Challenge with powerpole Using KELVIN’s Wright Brothers Design Challenge with PowerPole (#851507), students turn a foam tray, toy motor, and propeller into a model airplane! Students in middle school and up can learn about aeronautics and problem solving with KELVIN’s unique PowerPole Challenge. Compete to build the lightest and the most innovative planes! See our website for our full line of plastic supplies and equipment. KElviN • CAD 3d design Made Easy! No knowledge of programming is necessary! With Grasshopper, students can build precise, customizable Rhino objects by simply dragging boxes around the screen and connecting them with virtual "wires". This work provides an introduction to modeling objects with Grasshopper, and through a series of examples and tutorials, users will learn how to build complex objects by combining simple components. Applications include both NURBS surface modeling and mesh manipulation techniques. What’s more it features a reference guide from Grasshopper’s own help files containing descriptions of some of the most common Grasshopper components. Industrial press, inc. 203-956-5593 • CAD/CAM Validate students’ skills with Mastercam Certification Mastercam Certification is a quick and easy way to validate a person’s skills, benefiting both employers seeking qualified recruits, and individuals seeking to advance their careers. Enabling students to achieve a certification in the world’s most widely used CAM software helps to ensure their success once they leave the program. Certifying students in Mastercam not only validates their skills but also your program. Mastercam 800-ASK-MCAM • CNC ShopBot desktop CNC Earns an a+ from teachers Powerful CNC comes in a smaller package with ShopBot’s Desktop tool. Though it is a compact solution (with a cutting area of 18" x 24"), the ShopBot Desktop does not sacrifice power and precision. The ShopBot Desktop delivers engraving level precision and the rigidity to machine parts from wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. It also delivers a cutting speed of 4" per second (100 mm/sec) with a resolution of 0.00025" (.00635 mm). One of ShopBot's most popular tools, it is at work in hundreds of STEM and career education programs around the U.S. And ShopBot Tools' support for educators goes beyond providing quality CNC tools. We offer free ready-to-cut classroom project files on the ShopBot website (, an active user community in our ShopBot forum, and technical support is always free. This all adds up to “high marks” from educators. For a video to see how high school students in Floral Park, NY, are using their ShopBot Desktop to make everything from art projects to robots, go to Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Durham, NC, ShopBot Tools focuses on making digital fabrication technology affordable and accessible, with a wide range of tool sizes from the ShopBot Desktop to fullsized shop tools. More info at ShopBot tools 888-680-4466 CNC MdX-540 CNC Milling Machine Providing rapid prototyping on a convenient 12” × 12” table size, the MDX-540 is one of the fastest and most accurate rapid prototype machines on the market. With a price tag that‘s less than half the cost of most additive systems, it offers high performance in a simplified machine that anyone can use. The MDX-540 also includes easy-to-use SRP Player CAM software to support 3D scaling and simulation of finished 3D parts. Optional machine additions include a rotary axis for unattended milling and a contact-scanning unit for reverse engineering. Enhanced MDX-540A and MDX- 540SA models are also available. Roland dGa 800-542-2307 CNC MonoFaB srM-20 Compact Milling Machine Perfect for FabLab spaces and classroom environments, the desktop-sized SRM-20 represents the next generation of CNC technology. Designed from the ground up with a number of technological advancements, it’s the easiest to use and most precise CNC desktop mill in its class. A simple software interface provides intuitive and easy-to-manage operation and precise production. It also features a suite of design and CAD production software for milling, engraving, and outputting milling jobs. Safe, robust, and durable, the SRM-20 was built for easy and convenient rapid prototyping. Roland DGA • 800-542-2307 CNC Industrial skills training solutions Techno CNC Systems Educational Sector ( offers high-speed, affordable industrial-quality CNC routers, plasmas, and laser machines in a wide range of sizes with work areas available from 12" × 12" to 5' × 10'. All Techno machines are perfect for classrooms and offer endless STEM opportunities. Techno CNC’s routers, plasmas cutters, and laser equipment make it easy and exciting for educators to prepare students for the technical manufacturing jobs of tomorrow. Students meet modern manufacturing challenges face to face, turning design concepts into reality on Techno’s latest industrial equipment. Our webpage “Success in Schools” features a photo of President Barack Obama visiting a school showcasing multiple Techno CNC routers in a Fab Lab. A fine example of how Techno CNC equipment is leading the way in educational training! Check out Techno’s educational website, which showcases 30 years of educational success stories in many areas of interest: ( • Fab Lab • STEM • Maker Space • Pre-Engineering • CO2 Car Curriculum • Design/Rapid Prototyping • Manufacturing • Architectural Design Every Techno CNC machine is installed and supported by local Techno representatives to ensure a successful startup. Techno CNC Systems provides superior technical support FREE for the life of our equipment. Call today to get your CNC machining program off to the right start! Techno CNC Systems, LLC • Educational Sector 631-648-7481 • Electricity/ Electronics Electronics learning activities Do you teach electronics, electricity, HVAC, or automotive technology? Still using old methods to teach modern technology? Interactive software makes learning exciting. Topics from Ohm’s law to op amps and digital troubleshooting are covered. Use your current textbooks and curriculum. Activities provide immediate feedback and grading. Learning activities are constructed using random variables to assure varied experiences. Use on computers/networks on campus or students can use it at home. $229 for unlimited site licenses! Funding often available through Carl Perkins, your media center, or library. Software is excellent for retention, individualization, and remediation. Download trial software programs from our website. EtCai products 800-308-0154 • Fax: 901-861-0233 • Plastics Plastics Manufacturing Equipment KELVIN® has a complete line of Plastics Manufacturing equipment for your classroom. The EZee Plastic Vacuum Former (#841970) is a fun way to create student-designed vehicles and more! The Hot Line Acrylic Bender (#841999) warms acrylic strips so they can be shaped on the Angle Jig (#841998). See our website for our full line of plastic supplies and equipment. KElviN • Heat Treating Dual Chamber Furnaces Lucifer Furnaces’ Red Devil units - an excellent, economical introduction to metallurgy. Complete heat treating: hardening furnace (2200°F) over tempering oven with recirculating fan for uniform heat reaching 1200°F. Featuring easy-to-replace heating elements, digital controllers, energy efficient insulation, hearth plates protecting floor brick, and safety switches on horizontal swing doors. Prewired-easy installation - shipped ready to connect to main power supply. A great choice for schools. Lucifer Furnaces, inc. • 800-378-0095 Machining & Metalworking Machinists’ Ready Reference, New 10th Edition The newly revised Machinists' Ready Reference, 10th Edition, has been improved with enhanced readability and expanded content! The best-selling book provides the essential procedures, charts, tables, and formulas used by machinists, toolmakers, mechanical engineers, and designers. Handy 4-1/4" × 6" book is spiral bound to lie flat when open. Only $39.95; school discounts are available on phone orders. Tech directions Books & Media 800-530-9673 x300 FaX 734-975-2787 Projects Save Money with Bulk packs! Kelvin Bulk Packs are a great way to save money in the classroom! They include consumable materials and instructions for a wide variety of popular Kelvin projects. The Solar Racer Wood Base, #841415, is shown at right. Visit our website for a list of all our Bulk Packs. KElviN Robotics KElviN Kre8 red robot KELVIN’s Kre8 Red Robot (#283707) is an easy to make and easy to customize autonomous robot that can be controlled with the Genie PCB418 Board (#842211, kit or #842210, assembled). Comes with free software Genie download. Covers steering, balance, speed, friction, circuit wiring, movement, gears, and motors. Visit our website for our full line of Kre8 easy-to-make projects! KElviN STEM Classroom projects, delivered today! Tech Directions offers over 220 ready-to-use, On-Demand Classroom Projects. Select the ones you want from our website, place your order, and the projects are delivered to your inbox, ready to copy and hand out! Our readers especially like: Bat Wing Flyer: A Glider Challenge, Cardboard Chair Design, Crumple Zones, Problem Solving Discovery Days, Drafting Challenges, Egg Bungee Jump, General Challenges, and Toothpick Experiment: Investigating Construction Strength. Most projects cost only $4.95; some cost only $2.95! Written by teachers for teachers, these projects are great curriculum enhancement tools. They really get students motivated! Tech directions Books & Media • 800-530-9673 x306 Technology Education Inventors and technologists Come to life The Technology’s Past books trace the development of technology and industry through the fascinating—often inspiring— lives of the people behind the innovations. Books cover 157 inventors and technologists whose creativity, hard work, and persistence changed the way people live. Each book is $24.95, or buy the set of 2 for $34.95. Tech directions Books & Media bookshistory.html 800-530-9673 x300 STEM Educational Catalog Our latest catalog for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as well as Electronics is available online. Visit our website for more information. KElviN Transportation Dragster Blanks with pre-drilled axle aNd power input Holes NEW & EXCLUSIVE! No CO2 Dragster Blanks pre-drilled with both axle and air input holes (#970386, 10" L, 50/ pkg., $105) or CO2 Dragster Blanks pre-drilled with both axle and CO2 input holes (#970387, 12" L, 50/pkg., $130). Bulk pack dragster kits also available. For more information, visit our website. KElviN • Welding Welding training Curriculum Complete training programs including DVDs, instructor guides, and student workbooks. Designed with input from welding instructors, video modules present core information and model proper technique so that students can work through the videos and practice sessions independently with the aid of their workbooks and coaching from their instructor. Visit our website to see a complete line of offerings. Hobart institute of welding technology 937-332-9500 • Wind Tunnels Wind tunnel II The sleek design of KELVIN’s Wind Tunnel II (#840614) features smooth laminar air flow, variable speed, and variable angle of attack. Students can measure lift and drag to accurately evaluate their designs of wing sections, rockets, cars, and dragsters. Also use it to test mini wind turbines. View results on your computer screen. See our website for more information. KElviN • Woodworking Skateboards/vacuum press: Free two-hour instructional dvd The best vacuum press you can buy! Teach a skill while having fun. Make skateboards and teach vacuum veneering. Let students be creative in their designs and shapes and increase their enthusiasm for woodworking. Large selection of highly reliable equipment with a pro system starting at $565. Schools receive a 10% discount. Quality vaKuum products, inc. 800-547-5484

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