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Sacchetti Construction Corporation Business Profile BY MOLLY HARRISON J ules Sacchetti came to the building profession honestly. Thanks to his Italian grandfather, he has building in his blood. Jules is proud of his company’s “Every Step of the Way” process. This means he CONTRIBUTED PHOTO The roots of Jules’s chosen profession reach back to Notaresco, Italy, a small village outside Rome, where his grandfather, Julius Sacchetti, was an accomplished stone mason. When Julius immigrated to America to create a better life for his family, he brought his masonry skills with him. Julius worked hard in America and in the old-world tradition passed his building knowledge and expertise to his son, Zopito, who became a well-respected builder and craftsman in the northeastern United States. Zopito worked as superintendent on numerous large-scale building projects, including hospitals, high schools, universities, high-rises and casinos. Zopito’s son, Julius, known as Jules, was impressed with his father’s building expertise and wanted to follow in his footsteps. After his education, Jules began work as a builder. In New Jersey, Jules built more than 100 homes, operated construction, real estate and investment companies, and worked as operations manager for an award-winning builder before deciding to do as his grandfather did and make a better life for himself in a new place. After raising two daughters in New Jersey and seeing them through college, Jules sought out sunnier skies and the warmer climate of Brunswick County, North Carolina. Jules sold his three businesses and moved to Leland seven years ago. His daughters still live in New Jersey, both of them school teachers and coaches. It was Jules’s passion for quality workmanship and attention to every detail that led to the creation Sacchetti Construction Corporation in Brunswick County. He knew the perfect motto for his business: Old world tradition in the modern world. He brings the Sacchetti family commitment to excellence to Brunswick County. Jules Sacchetti is a well-diversified builder working throughout southeastern North Carolina. With the highest residential license available in North Carolina, Sacchetti Construction builds everything from million-dollar custom homes to 1,500-square-foot starter homes. But the company is diversified enough to handle small projects as well, from small additions to renovations. Jules’s real estate background is attractive to local real estate agents who hire him to renovate foreclosed homes and get them ready to go on the market. is with the client through every step from home-site selection and choosing an architect to landscape design, move in and future additions. “What many people don’t realize is that the selection of your builder is the most important decision a customer makes, because it is your builder that you are going to have the longest and closest relationship with throughout the process,” says Jules. The company participates in the exclusive 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty program, ensuring that each new home has a 1-year workmanship, 2-year systems and 10-year structural warranty. As hard as he works, play is also a priority for Jules. He and his wife, Patti, are serious sports enthusiasts, and going to sporting events is one their favorite hobbies. Jules is a sports correspondent for the Brunswick Beacon, covering high school football games while Patti snaps photos for the paper. They also go to college football games and travel the country to attend the best sporting events. If you’re interested in building a new home or renovating an older one, give Sacchetti Construction a call. Sacchetti Construction Corporation, (910) 367-6840, Jules Sacchetti Spring 2011 101

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