Tile Dealer January February 2012 : Page 23

TD: Do you sense tile preservation is gaining more support? Menzies: In America, it used to be ‘tear it to the ground and ask questions later.’ Now there’s much more awareness and sensitivity. In communities like Los Angeles, for example, you can’t destroy a building if it has an art element on it, and that may actually be true of buildings without art on them. You may not raze that building without special permits. Taylor: I’m sure you’re familiar with the Antiques Road Show. Never is a show aired without a piece of pottery or an artistic tile being appraised, because people want to know what those art items are worth. It shows that people in the United States are becoming increasingly conscious of their art history. It has to do with our age, not our personal age but the age of our country. I think citizens of the United States are getting more and more into the idea that their country’s history is important, and that’s where the Tile Heritage Foundation becomes important to them, in assisting the validation of that history. TD: Where do you see the Tile Heritage Foundation going next? Taylor: In addition to the information we have talked about, we also have a collection of tiles donated to the foundation over the last 25 years. These are historic artifacts that date back 125 years. Our intention is to get these in a virtual museum-like setting. Menzies: These tiles are already photographed; it’s a matter of setting up a portion of our website so those tile images are available. Tile Heritage is not a museum, but we will create one virtually. Getting the tiles in the collections in the public eye is an important thing. And that’s defi nitely in the works. Taylor: It will feel like walking into a gallery with art tile on display. TD: Any fi nal thoughts? Menzies: None of what we do would be possible without support, and it’s important that the TileDealer readership support Tile Heritage. For more information see http://www.tileheritage.org. SOURCES: Joseph Taylor, Sheila Menzies, co-founders Tile Heritage Foundation, Healdsburg, CA 707-431-8453 foundation@tileheritage.org

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