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wineries & breweries CREDIT: TWO GOATS BREWERY location in San Marcos for Stone Brewing and cation in San Marcos for Stone Brewing and moved in on Feb-ruary 1, 1996. On July 26, the ribbon was cut and the first beer was tapped in the brewery’s tasting room Their rooftop solar panels on the Es-condido brewery produce more than 20% of the power for the brewery and restaurant. 14. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. In 1980, Sierra Nevada set out with a simple goal: brew the beers they wanted to drink. They started small with homebrew shop experi-ence, a love of American hops, and plenty of passion. Decades later, they are still at it and the passion burns brighter than ever. Focusing on the environmental lens of sustainable development, the Sustainability Department provides guidance on reducing the overall environmental impacts of their pro-cesses brings awareness of environ-mental issues to their roles at the brewery and to their personal lives. Their sustainability program extends to every facet of the compa-ny from barley to bottle and into cus-tomer’s refrigerator. Sierra Nevada’s fundamental approach is to “close the loop” wherever and whenever possible. They look for opportunities to bring materials leaving their facil-ity—such as heat, water, and packaging—back into our production process. Introduced to employees in 2011, their zero waste goal emulates sustainable natural cycles in which discarded materials are resources, not wastes, and products and processes are designed and man-aged to reduce the volume and hazards of waste. The drivers behind our zero waste goal are: 13. Two Goats Brewery In July of 2015, Two Goats Brewing in Hector, NY made the switch to solar. From the start, their business model has been one of sustainability: their building is a refurbished barn from the 1800’s; their spent grain goes to Two Goats Brewery’s classic brew local farm stock; they use local hops and food products; they have in-house practices of reusing; recycling and composting; and they are major installed thousands of renewable energy projects supporters of regional causes. Going solar was just throughout New York State and was professional, another step in that direction. As owner and brewer efficient and extremely accessible. Their aim is to Jon Rodgers says, “The projected payback period for demystify and simplify the transition to solar by clari-Two Goat’s solar system is 7.5 years, and in the last fying options, filling out forms for the customer (such 6 months alone they’ve saved two-thirds in energy as rebates, interconnection contracts and building costs. With the tax incentives and rebates, it makes permit applications) and talking one through the tax the switch to solar feasible and a smart investment.” deduction details. From start to finish, the process of going solar was In collaboration with Renovus, Two Goats contin-seamless because of the streamlined efforts of local ues to support growth in the solar industry by host-company Renovus Solar. Renovus has designed and ing educational meetings for the public. CREDIT: TWO GOATS BREWERY Patrons and panels soak up some rays outside of Two Goats Brewery.

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