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new products

GameChange Launches Pour-in- Place Ground System<br /> GameChange Racking says its self-leveling Pour-in-Place ballasted ground system reduces installation time by 68 percent. Forms are placed and supported, the concrete is poured and panels are mounted. The system is rated for 120 mph wind speed and meets IBC and ASME standards for structural loading.<br /> <br /> Quick Mount PV Introduces Conduit Penetration Flashing<br /> Conduit penetration flashing from Quick Mount PV provides a quick and easy way to install conduit through the roof while protecting against water intrusion with the seamless, all-aluminum spun cone flashing. The innovative EPDM post collar can be customized by the installer to fit a half-inch, three-quarter-inch or 1-inch diameter conduit.<br /> <br /> Daetwyler Lightens Modu-Rack<br /> Daetwyler Clean Energy has reduced the weight of the Modu-Rack ground-mount photovoltaic (PV) racking system. New system components cost less to manufacture and ship, and are easier to install. The system uses a unique soil-anchoring device.<br /> <br /> Unirac Ships Streamlined Flat-Roof System<br /> Unirac’s Roof Mount, a 10-degree fixed-tilt system, features modular design to fit easily around rooftop HVAC units for maximum power density. Each ballast bay weighs less than 3.5 pounds, and the system ships with only two preassembled components, making assembly a one-tool operation.<br /> <br /> SnapNrack Offers Metal Roof Base<br /> SnapNrack’s new metal roof base product features a self-sealing mounting base to seal over the top of the bolt, eliminating the need for liquid sealant. It can be used on any metal roof surface and is designed to attach in less than 30 seconds.<br /> <br /> Patriot Dual-Axis Tracker Handles Up to 6 kW<br /> The Patriot Dual-Axis Tracking Mount, a pole-mount system, is available in sizes for 2-, 4- and 6-kilowatt arrays. It’s rated to 100 mph wind speed, and offers up to 80 degrees of swing to improve daily output 45 percent over a fixed-mount array.<br /> <br /> Trabant Introduces Heavy-Duty Two-Axis Trackers<br /> Trabant’s TT-72 and HT-72 Solar Trackers accommodate 12 or 18 standard 72-cell solar modules from any manufacturer, and can handle 30,000-pound static and 10,000-pound dynamic loads. Control is via the Siemens Simatic S7-1200 Siplus system, interfacing with any inverter.<br /> <br /> AllSun Tracker from Vermont<br /> AllEarth’s AllSun 24 two-axis tracker carries 24 standard 60-cell modules, to produce up to about 5 kilowatts throughout the daylight hours— about 7.7 megawatt-hours annually. It’s a complete grid-connected system including GPS controller and inverter. Rated to 120 mph wind speed, the system tracks 60 degrees vertically and 360 degrees azimuth.<br /> <br /> SMA Introduces Webconnect Monitoring<br /> SMA’s new Webconnect system, available on all Sunny Boy inverters, enables direct data transmission from the inverter to SunnyPortal, the world’s largest webbased PV monitoring platform, through the system owner’s existing internet connection, without the need for additional communications or data-logging devices. It monitors systems with up to four inverters.<br /> <br /> Gill Upgrades MetPak Weather Station<br /> Gill Instruments has expanded the MetPak multisensor weather station range with the introduction of a new Modbus connectivity. The new output feature allows industrial and building control users to connect MetPak base station units into a network of multiple devices as part of an integrated computer or SCADA system.

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