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and design something for them. His entire curriculum is centered around empathy. His advice to educators: “Empower your students to make important choices in your class. Create an environment that connects and responds with kids in a way you couldn’t anticipate.” 9 re-think Space Elias Vargas, principal in El Rancho Unified School District, has thought a lot about how space af-fects learning. In his previous role as principal at a different school, they started phasing out traditional desks over a three-to-four year period. What resulted were flexible class-rooms that moved with the needs of the class that day. When he became principal of a brand new high school this year, he put the furniture choices in the hands of the teachers. Not a single classroom has a traditional model of desks in rows. In math and social studies many of the teachers chose mobile, triangular mini desks that can be moved according to the class’s needs. In English the teachers purchased long skinny conference tables ideal for socratic seminars. Ac-cording to Vargas, humans by nature are creative and collaborative; you don’t want furniture to work against our basic nature. to be inspired? 10 Ready Get Connected. In a previous role, Ari Flewelling, currently a staff development spe-cialist for Riverside Unified School District, felt really isolated as one of the few techie teachers in her build-ing. She turned to Twitter and soon began to expand her relationships and networks. These connections outside her building made her feel less alone and gave her new ideas to try in her classroom. In addition to her day job, Flewel-ling has been working to connect educators in a mentor-mentee rela-tionship through her project MyEdu-Link ( myedulinkgei/home), a site that vir-tually connects people who are look-ing to be mentored in a specific area of EdTech with those who are willing to share their best practices. Index to Volume 76 The material listed in this index of Volume 76 (September 2016-May 2017) of tech directions is arranged alphabetically by subject. Careers at Local, State, and National Levels. May, 20. King, amy. The Many Paths to Success—How Construction’s Top Professionals Got Their Start. Nov., 15. Students to Be College-and-Career-Ready?. Sept., 26. Townsley, Jack. Reverse Job Fair Brings Employers to Students. Mar., 12. CAD/CAM/CNC Molding a New Generation of Engineers. Jan., 12. Berdik, Chris. Kids Code Their Own 3D Creations with New Blocks-Based Design Pro-gram. May, 23. Coyle, Sallye. Creating Portraits with a 3D Scanner and a CNC Machine. Jan., 18. Mumm, Ginny. Introducing Stu-dents to Tech Ed with CaD. Jan., 16. Van Name, Barry. Miami Lakes Students Check In at a Unique University. May, 17. Computer technology Cernavskis, andra. In San Fran-cisco Computer Science for all…Soon. Feb., 22. 3D Printing 3D Printing Competitions. Sept., 22 Berdik, Chris. Kids Code Their Own 3D Creations with New Blocks-Based Design Pro-gram. May, 23. Grudo, Gideon. The air Force Explores the Promise and Peril of 3D Printing. Sept., 14. Stratasys, Inc. Seven 3D Printing STEM Projects to Do with your Class. Sept., 17. Stratasys, Inc. Turning Students into Inquisitive Creators. Sept., 11. Automotive technology automotive Scholarship Opportu-nities. Mar., 15. Ultrasonic Cleaner Revs Up Learning for automotive Stu-dents. Mar., 24. Bogue, Jeff. The Battle of the Mo-tors—Induction vs. DC Brush-less. Mar., 15. Cremeans, Randy. The Value of Continuing Education in auto-motive Refinishing. Mar., 18. Thompson, Rob. Teaching Basic Electricity—Visually. Mar., 22. Vandeberg, Dale. Re-energize your Teaching by attending Conferences. Mar., 27. Ward, Curt. Diesel Exhaust aftertreatment Maintenance. Mar., 26. Convention Preview aCTE Convention Preview—Get Inspired at CareerTech VISION. Nov., 34. ITEEa Conference Preview—En-gaging and Empowering Deci-sion Makers. Feb., 26. Electricity/Electronics Giovino, Bill. Creating Quick Con-nections with IoT Development Kits. Oct., 22. Manz, Barry. In Search of the “Ideal” Human-Machine Inter-face. Oct., 10. Career and technical Education Butrymowicz, Sarah. Push for Career-Technical Education Meets Parent Resistance. Dec., 32. Felton, Emmanuel. a State Embraces the Idea That Not Everyone Needs to Go to Col-lege. Jan., 24. Machado, Karen Hannigan. The Upside, and the Downside, of Working ‘as Fast as you Want and as Slow as you Need’. Mar., 32. Pucillo, John M. Job Search Skills 101. Nov., 22 Santelises, Sonja Brookins. are HIgh Schools Preparing Agricultural technology Engaging Event Introduces Stu-dents to agriculture Careers. May, 15. Wehrman, Bill. agriScience and Engineering Program Pro-duces Well-Rounded Students. May, 12. Free on-Demand Classroom Project Pucillo, John M. Job Search Skills 101. Nov., 22. Building trades SkillsUSa Success Stories— Shreela McFadden and an-thony Cofield. Nov.,18. Teens Explore Skilled Trades Hands On at Summer acad-emy. Nov., 26 Johnson, Larry. Fiber Optics—Ma-ture and Growing Fast. Nov., 22. King, amy. ‘Build your Future’ Promotes Construction Emerging technology Scarcella, Joseph. Using Drones—What you Need to Know. Oct., 25. Apprenticeships Hindman, John. Retooling ap-prenticeships: Buildling the Manufacturing Workforce. Dec., 13. Mastering Computers Goldsborough, Reid. Hard Drives in Transformation. Nov., 7. Truth Testing Computers. Dec., 12. Professional develoPment/index 27

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