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ASES SOLAR 2017 Building a 100% Renewable Energy Community 46 TH A NNUAL N ATIONAL S OLAR C ONFERENCE DENVER O CTOBER 9-12 Next year’s SOLAR 2017 will be held October 9-12, 2017 at the University of Colorado, Denver. SOLAR 2017 is an integral part of the two-week Solar Decathlon being held in Denver, Colorado. In addition to our annual National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2017 , ASES is working on the Decathlon planning committee to maximize interest in solar energy through sustainability and educational workshops and events. The conference, Decathlon, and related events will be happening October 5-15, 2017. This conference theme for SOLAR 2017 underscores the connection to the Decathlon — a US DOE-sponsored collegiate competition to design and build small homes that are energy self-sufficient. ASES conferences and the Decathlon are both about building community and sharing knowledge toward a 100% renewable energy world. SOLAR 2017 welcomes participation particularly in these areas: • Progress to 100% renewable energy -what is working at the local and national levels • Innovations in passive solar design, building science and applications/integration • Technology innovations at the forefront of the renewable energy movement (solar technologies, resource assessment, grid integration, and other related fields) • Education and community building from K-12, college, and beyond (this includes the critical role of renewable energy in climate, air quality, water, food, land use, and all other aspects of sustainable living) • Enabling, inspiring, and advancing careers and contributions of emerging professionals and advocates For more details on SOLAR 2017 and the official call for participation, go to 2 WINTER 2016-2017 SOLAR TODAY Copyright © 2014 American Solar Energy Society. All rights reserved.


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