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® SOLARTODAY.ORG SPRING 2017 VOLUME 31, NO. 1 SOLAR TODAY is published by the American Solar Energy Society,, the U.S. Section of the International Solar Energy In every issue © SOLAR IMPULSE | REVILLARD | REZO.CH 4 16 34 54 58 67 From the Editor Community Solar Hub Good News You Can Use Regional News: Solar in the Southeast Inside ASES Ad Index 40 Solar Impulse 2 began and completed its around-the-world trip in Abu Dhabi (UAE). 8 green business Solar Job Growth by Rona Fried, Ph.D. 52 ask the energy expert Infrastructure --Where Solar Thrives by Scott Sklar 56 the trade NREL Releases Report on ”Urban Turbines” by Mick Sagrillo 63 ases chapter news Sunshine State Goes Solar Co-op by Bill Young, FREA 64 clean energy credit union update Progress on CECU by Amanda Bybee On the cover: Solar Impulse 2 flying over Hawaii during maintenance flight. Copyright Solar Impulse 18 20 26 34 40 62 Solar Wars: The Tariff Battle State public utility commissions, utilities, the demand charge and tiered billing. by Bill Ellard Solar on the Line The history of solar energy use in the U.S. both as part of the electrical grid as well as an off-grid supplement by the Smithsonian Institute Multiple Modes of Energy Capture Create ZNE Office Building A case study from Davis, California by Jonathan Hammond Anonymous Donor Funds Six Solar Installations A success story for Solar Ypsi by Dave Strenski Flight Without Fuel Historical around-the-world flight of Solar Impulse 2, a solar powered airplane by Solar Impulse SOLAR 2017 Call for Participation Opportunity to present at the ASES National Solar Conference SOLAR TODAY SPRING 2017 3 Copyright © 2014 American Solar Energy Society. All rights reserved.

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