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have the opportunity to meet and evaluate close to 100 potential can-didates, with a broad range of skill sets, from CTE programs directly related to their businesses. More and more employers now make the RJF a critical part of their overall hiring strategy. For example, Uniloy Milicron, a local manufac-turer, hired two students from the inaugural Reverse Job Fair, three more in the second year, and now all five are in Department of Labor-recognized apprenticeships, attend-ing evening skilled trades classes through Adult Learning Services at LISD TECH Center. When complet-ed, these young apprentices will have a nationally recognized and portable credential with no out-of-pocket cost to themselves or their families. The LISD TECH Center also bene-fits by hosting a signature event that draws employers into the building, giving them a better understanding of our programs and capabilities, giv-ing them a first-hand look at where their talent pipeline begins. The cov-erage by local media has also been a great recruitment tool by promoting our CTE programs to potential future students. nent in our regional talent pipeline for employers. As previously mentioned, we call on staff from multiple colleges, uni-versities, and local organizations to present at our RJF Boot Camp, and we invite them back to attend the event to see the fruits of their labor. The LISD TECH Center gladly shares credit for the success in the media tant things we do to support students. Fair Supports and Promotes Academic integration All participating LISD TECH Center programs have embedded core cur-riculum and all offer multiple oppor-tunities for high school credit, grant-ed by their home district, towards graduation. In addition, all programs Students interact with a local employer. importance of Partnerships The LISD Reverse Job Fair would not be possible without our com-munity partners. The concept was developed with the help and support of our workforce development and economic development partners, South Central Michigan Works and Lenawee Now, with each organization promoting the event as a key compo-each year, along with prominently displaying the logos of our partners in the event program. Internally at the Lenawee Interme-diate School District, the RJF gets sup-port at all levels, with the assistant superintendent sitting on the planning committee. All building administra-tors and instructors from participat-ing programs are involved with the planning and are in attendance on the day of the event directing traffic and giving building tours. Leadership at the Lenawee Intermediate School District promotes the event to the community as one of the most impor-offer articulated credit and, through our College Now program, any stu-dent at the LISD TECH Center has the opportunity for dual enrollment at no cost to the student. Many students who struggle aca-demically in a standard learning en-vironment are able to take advantage of the embedded high school credits and dual-enrollment opportunities with great success. With the Reverse Job Fair creating a context to see the value of these opportunities, it cre-ates the realization for students that planning for the future is critical to their success. 2016 job fair participating students cte 31

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