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what’s another? Obviously, the cloth measuring tape is a hint. At this point, if a student came up with the answer that it is the ratio of circumference to diameter ( pi ), you would be amazed. But as your students become more attuned to the “discovery” process, they will get better. For the most part, they have never had to discover something for themselves in the educational process and should not be expected to automatically pick it up. If they didn’t know in all other classes, they asked and the teacher gave them the answer. How do you help them adjust to discovering things? Never answer a question except with a question. Ask them the question they should have asked themselves. In our example of pi , some of the students will be com-pletely lost. Ask them “How many different dimensions can we measure on these objects?”. Let them work with that question for some time. They must be given the opportunity to think. What’s the next question? How about “Are any of the ratios the same?” It is much easier and quicker to tell them pi is the number which represents the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference. But for understand-ing to take place, they must discover this individually. Then they own it and will probably never forget it. As a teacher, this is the most difficult way to teach because you must plan each learning expe-rience in detail, but to ensure student understanding, it is the only way to teach. Remember “The key to a successful program is to put yourself in the place of the student.” If you wouldn’t like performing a particular activity, why do you think the student will? Does the education process have to be painful? OVErSTOck SpEcIAl! career directions Posters 18” × 24" posters detail the responsibilities and requirements of various careers— earnings, job openings, training required, professional organizations, and more. Ten careers available: ● auto Body repairer ● Sheet metal ● auto Service Technician Worker ● cabinetmaker ● Web Page ● Desktop Publishing Designer ● Welder Specialist ● hVac&r Technician ● Line Installer ● robotics Technicians Save over 50 % ! Sale price: $5.95! Regular price $12.95 All 10 just $49.95! Regular price $99.95 plus shipping and handling Order today! 800.530.9673 x300 postersale.html More than Fun Answers Checkmate 128. There are 62 squares of size 1x1, 41 squares of size 2x2, 18 squares of size 3x3, 6 squares of size 4x4, and 1 square of size 5x5. No Matter How you Slice it Eleven Pound for Pound? True! When it comes to pounds, there are two different standards: Avoirdupois weight and Troy weight. Avoirdupois (av-ehr-du-poiz) weight is the series of units of weight based on 16 ounces to a pound. It is used for measuring almost ev-erything—from cheese to feathers to boulders to compact cars. Troy weight is based on 12 ounces to a pound. It is a specialty measurement used for measuring gemstones and precious metals, including gold. Name that tune He sang “Happy Birthday,” of course! row, row, row your Boat 12 miles There are a number of ways of working this out; here is one: If we assume the distance the rowed up-stream to be D miles, we know the morning took (D ÷ 2) hours, and the afternoon took (D ÷ 4) hours, with a difference of 3 hours. So: D D – = 3 2 4 Multiplying throughout by 2, and then 4, gives: 4D – 2D = 24, so 2D = 24 And: D = 12 miles. They rowed 12 miles upstream. ProfessionaL deveLoPment 35

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