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Signed Safety Handouts Below is my safety rules handout for the drill press (I also use one for the scroll saw and band saw). Students need to take it home and show their parent/guardian; the student then signs it in front of the parent/guardian, and the parent signs it as a witness. I tell the kids it is not a contract, it is information. They shouldn’t need a contract to hold them to being safe, they should want to do it because it is for their benefit, and going over safety is helpful for that purpose. —Mike Shampanier, Weber Middle School, NY Mr. Shampanier Rm. G12 Weber MS Technology Education NAME: ______________________________________ Period: __________________ Date: ______________________ technology Safety Procedure for the Drill Press i, ______________________________________ have read and agree to follow the safety rules. (Write your full name.) x __________________________________ Student signature x ____________________________________ Witness signature (Parent/Guardian) x ____________________________________ Print name BY Witness (Parent/Guardian) Using pen, please sign FUll NAME lEGiBly -no abbreviations or scribble. 1. Safety First! Always remember your ABC's of safety. Always Be Careful! 2. if assistance is needed, ask the teacher. 3. Always wear eye protection (goggles) when using any machinery. 4. observe all posted safety signs. 5. In the technology room, think and concentrate on what you are doing at all times. 6. Do not use any tool, machine, or piece of equipment that is unfamiliar to you. If in doubt, ask the teacher. 7. Permission is needed each time you wish to operate any machine. Each day and each time is different and you must ask permission again daily. DO NOT turn on, use, or touch any machine without the teacher’s permission. 8. Install the correct drill bit or sanding drum securely into the center of the chuck. Tighten the chuck with the chuck key. Remove the chuck key from the machine immediately. 9. The wood should be placed on a wooden pad when drilling holes through the wood. 10. Position the table and adjust the feed so there is no possibility of the drill bit or sanding drum striking the table. 11. Pre-mark the center of the hole with a center punch, also called a scribe or an awl. 12. Small or irregular-shaped pieces must be clamped to the table or held in a special clamp. 13. Roll your sleeves above the elbow and tuck in loose clothing before operating a machine or piece of equipment. 14. Before operating a machine or piece of equipment, remove loose or dangly jewelry. 15. If needed, wear an apron to protect your clothes. 16. Only one student at a time may work on any machine or piece of equipment. 17. Stand at least 4' away from the drill press when someone is using it. 18. Pay attention to what you are doing. Avoid distractions and never look around while operating the drill press. 19. Never distract a person who is operating a machine or piece of equipment. 20. Turn off machines and equipment. Check that machines or equipment have come to a complete stop before you walk away. Never leave the machine without turning the power off. 21. Be a smart safe student, use your common sense . safety 23

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