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cuss what they are trying to tell us: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress — Robert A. Heinlein I, Robot ---Isaac Asimov A Canticle for Leibowitz ---Walter M. Miller, Jr. The Martian Chronicles ---Ray Brad-bury A Fall of Moondust ---Arthur C. Clarke Who are the great science fiction authors today and what are they writing about? l Three of the great science fic-tion writers—Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke---wrote some of the really great stories of their time. Research what these men also did and how those activities might have influ-enced how and why they wrote what they did. l How are science fiction and fantasy alike and different? What do you prefer and why? l Where does the action adven-ture movie set in the future, Starship Troopers , come from? l The great movie classic Forbid-den Planet , released in 1956, has a fascinating message about ourselves in it. Where did this incredible sto-ryline originate? Robots premier in the American psyche here as well. How might this have influenced how we envision robots today? Watch this one in class for lots of suspense and discussion! l Examine some old science fiction book cover art from the 1950s and ’60s and compare it to today. What is the message in the art? Look at mod-ern day versions of the old science books and see if there is a different message in the updated cover art. In the final analysis, like good learning, science fiction is about ask-ing questions—many questions—and systematically evaluating the possible outcomes of what we might contem-plate doing. Some would say it is scenario analysis without the harmful aspects of bad decisions—wonder-ful and detailed thought experiments from which we gain insight about the future and our role in it. Science fiction encourages us to explore...all the futures, good and bad, that the human mind can envision . —Marion Zimmer Bradley tech directions is now using the email service MailChimp to correspond with our readers. Please use the link below to subscribe to digital tech directions, and to receive our monthly newsletter. Email addresses are never shared or sold! technology edUcation 27

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