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that these diplomas are not there to be read, they are there to build your confidence in them as a pro-fessional. You see they (doctors, lawyers, etc.) realize that since the mind can’t edit what goes through the eye, all that the customer has to do is SEE the documents in order to be influenced in a positive way. What items can we post? How about our diplomas, ASE certifica-tions, ASC Membership certificates or plaques, organizational member-ship certificates such as NACAT or EPT, drug free workplace signs, cer-tificates of appreciation, notices of community affiliation, Program of Excellence plaques, NATEF plaques, display trophys won by our stu-dents, Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills awards, pictures of past successful students, pictures of our advanced students, and many more items. What items should not be posted? Posters or calendars that reflect any type of poor taste, clocks or items that reflect poorly on you or the program. What about the color of the walls in your class-room? Research shows that blues and greens tend to be the most conducive to the transmission of ideas, while reds and oranges are least conducive. Also realize that your classroom has to be neat and clean with as few distractions as possible. Remember that you are the teacher, you are not called to hang with the kids. Old military wisdom says, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Also, students should not call you “coach” or by your first name in class, as this shows lack of respect for your position and for you as an adult. They should call you Mr., Mrs., or Ms. In conclusion then, what you say and how you say it is criti-cal to your success. You should never forget to look at your lab and classroom through the eyes of your customers. Be assured that if you pay attention and avoid these program killers your program will succeed and the other teachers who compete for your students will be wondering why all the students are at your place. monthly marketplace Electronics Software For Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 F Topics from Ohm’s law to Op Amps F Works with any textbook or curriculum F Teaches digital meter use F Scores are printed or stored POSTERS Free Trials at Website! 800-308-0154 ETCAI Products for STEM/CTE Classrooms www.techdirections. com/posters.html More than Fun Answers take Me out to the Ball Game The ball costs 5¢, not 10¢. One dollar more than 10¢ is $1.10, $1.10 + 10¢ would be $1.20. One dollar more than 5¢ is $1.05. The sum of which is $1.10. tracking the trains The latter train must have a three-hour or 144-mile head start in order for the two trains to arrive together. isolated on track Place Name Wore Color 1 Jane 4 red 2 Jackie 2 green 3 Julie 1 blue 4 Josie 3 yellow Julie wasn’t wearing 2 (clue 3) so wasn’t wear-ing green (clue 6), Jane was wearing red (clue 1) and Josie wore yellow (clue 5), hence Julie wore blue, leaving Jackie wearing green wearing 2 (clue 6). As Jackie wore 2, she didn’t come 3rd (clue 2), and Jane came first (clue 1), which means that Jackie must have come 2nd in order to beat the girl wearing 3 (clue 5). We now know Jane won and Jackie was 2nd, therefore Julie must have come 3rd in order to beat the girl in yellow (clue 3), leav-ing Josie in last place. As Jackie came second and she beat the girl wearing 3 (clue 5), the girl wear-ing 3 must have come 4th (therefore Josie) as the girl wearing 1 came 3rd (clue 2). Julie (who is 3rd) wore 1 (clue 2), leaving Jane wearing 4. Mind Bender z z z z z z z Professional develoPment 29


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