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Why you Can (Legally) Copy. Jan., 7. Don’t Take a Pass on Passwords. Feb., 11. Get It for Free Over the Internet. apr., 12. Understanding Facebook’s News Feed. May, 7. Perspective Melcher, David F. a Noble Work-force That Matters. Feb., 28. Teachers. Nov., 32. Swan, Quentin. Three Ways to Kill your Program and Put yourself Out of Work Simultaneously. apr., 28. Vickers, Ron. Small Group Meet-ings Help Teachers Share Ideas. Oct., 27. Zirkle, Chris. a Primer on Teacher Liability. Dec., 16. an Inspiration for Creativity. apr., 24. technology’s Past Karwatka, Dennis. Industrial archeology in america. Sept., 8. Laurens Hammond and the Ham-mond Organ. Oct., 8. Elizabeth Magie and the Game of Monopoly. Nov., 10. Stephen Briggs and Harold Stratton and Their Gasoline Engines. Dec., 10. Marian Rejewski and His Role in Breaking in the Enigma Code. Jan., 10. Victor Hasselblad and america’s apollo Program Lunar Camera. Feb., 8. Soichiro Honda and His Motor-cycle. Mar., 10. artrem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich and Their MIG Fighter airplanes. apr., 10. alessandro anzani and His Early airplane Engines. May, 10. Safety Readers Share Safety Tips. apr., 21. Professional Development Digital Tools That Can Make your Job Easier. Dec., 20. Gorman, Nicole. On The Front Line of Teaching ‘Grit:’—The Battle to Stop Students from Quitting. Feb., 24. Hines, Fred. you Teach—Why Do Students Not Learn?. Mar., 34. Lazaros, Edward J., Using Email-Based Tex t Messaging to Ef-fectively Communicate with Par-ents and Students. Sept., 23. Levitt, Molly. Magic of the Every-day: Southern Ca Educators Share 10 Best Teaching, Tech-nology Practices. May. 25. Milgrom-Elcott, Talia. Three Ways to Recruit and Train More The Convergence of Digital and Non-Digital Technologies. Oct., 7. Destination Mars. Nov., 8. Nano-Metallic Gluing. Dec., 8. Walabot DIy Can See Into Walls. Jan., 8. Recent Material Science Break-throughs. Mar., 8. a Virtual Reality Ride/Game with Real Jet Fighter G-Forces. apr., 8. Hyperloop—a New Transporta-tion System May, 8. Special Features Fall Product Guide. Oct., 13. Product Spotlight. Sept., 28, Nov., 36, Jan., 29. Feb., 29, Mar., 37, May 29. Spring Pull-Out Product Guide. apr., 13. Supplier Directory. Dec., 35. Teacher Training Opportunities. Mar., 36 welding/Metalworking SkillsUSa Success Stories—Nick Peterson, Feb., 20. Evans, Sarah. Welding’s Ivy League—Ivy Tech Builds a New Generation of Welders with State of the art Training Tech-nology. Feb., 12. Henderson, John. Lighting the Torch—School Uses Blacksmithing and Oxy-acetylene Processes to attract Students to Metalworking. Feb., 16. Jansen, Ian. How Did My Spark Get Started?. Feb., 19. StEM Mumm, Ginny. Growth of Fabrica-tion Labs Spurs Innovation. Nov., 12. technology today Pierce, alan. Using Technology to Kill Mosqui-tos. Sept., 10. technology Education Roman, Harry T. Science Fiction— Women Changing History Dress up your classroom with the faces of female pioneers in American history! Stunning posters give your students a glimpse of the women whose visions and strong will changed our lives forever. only $12.95 each Eleven different posters available. to view these posters, and to order, visit posterswomen.html Tech Directions Books/Media • 800-530-9673 x300 28 tech directions ◆ May 2017

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